Cell Phone Plans


Your mobile phone can be a good instrument to make loads of money. Since almost everyone now owns a cell phone, advertisers believe with confidence, it can definitely bring in the revenue and they have no problems sharing the earnings with people who affiliate with these advertisers in doing so. Let us see how you can make money using your mobile phone:

1. Sign up with programs that are used by advertisers to target customers through mobile promotions: This is known as mobile advertising wherein advertisers send information about new products and service as text messages to your registered mobile number. In a day, you may get about 10 to 20 SMSes and you earn a few cents for every message that you receive. These earnings are accumulated in your website and can be withdrawn after they reach a particular amount. You can get this money in the form of payment or check to your bank account. In mobile phones that have the Internet application, you can view ads and emails that are sent by advertisers. You get some cents for every ad that you see and also when you share this opportunity with other people. Some of the companies that give you an income opportunity to earn through SMSes and mobile ads include mginger, cliksense, e-mailpays2u and hits4pay.

2. Upload/share pictures on news and information sites and get paid: You can be a paparazzi or a news reporter to your site with the help of your cell phone. Click some interesting picture or video and share it with a news site. If it is good enough, they will happy to pay the price your quote.

3. Buy and sell cell phones: You can also buy cell phones from grey or wholesale markets and sell them at a higher rate. Or you can buy them at a low price through bulk buying at certain auction sites and sell them at a higher price.

4. Develop mobile applications: This is the best way to earn a lot of money. The craze for mobile applications will never dry and people are looking for creative interesting applications. So if you can develop them, you can sell to mobile applications companies or to companies like Android, where these may sell like hot-cakes, making you earn loads of money.

5. Mobile blogging: One of the best ways to earn a lot of money through the mobile is mobile blogging. Lots of people use Mobile Internet, and if you run an interesting mobile blog, people are going to read them often; there is a huge target audience. You can sign up with Google Adsense and place ads on those mobile sites and blog, and earn a very good sum of money.

6. Mcoupons: You don’t really earn money through mobile coupons as such but then you save a lot of money. Money saved is money earned, isn’t it? Simply download Mcoupons to your cell phone and save a lot of money


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